Sunday, March 3, 2013

Batter up!

Spring! Even with the "Snowquester" on the horizon for Wednesday, Spring is just around the corner.
About time. I don't want to admit this because we often didn't see eye to eye, but my mother told me when I was off on some winter lovin'- bring on the snow -where's my ice ax rant: "You just wait! One day you won't love the winter so much!
She was right dammit.
Now, I like a good snow, and a snow day from school is like a "Free Space" in bingo, but I am tired of trying to get out the door for a run in the blowing nasties. I'm done.
After an epic MCM and recovery and doctor's appointments and yet another total rebuild when it comes to running, things are heading up!
Milage has improved. Pace is just ok but I'll save improving that till after this Springs fun.
I blew off the Greenway 50k as work intervened.
Next up is the Hampton Roads Run shown above. A warm up and long catered training run for 3 Days at The Fair in May. I might jump in something for St. Patricks day because I need to shake the dust off the kilts.
I'll take a break after the 3 Days then come back for short stuff and a build to a fall marathon.

Spending a fair amount of time on the bike. Some summer and fall plans to play out on two wheels and many many miles.

Buds on the trees already and the crocus and snow drops have their heads up...Spring!
Shorts and no shirt....well, maybe a shirt below 60 degrees.

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  1. Hey Anton,
    Have an ironman the 30th June and signed up for a 67k ultra (gulp) on the 1 Sept...any suggestions where I can find training stuff? You are the guru of all things ultra! I was looking at the UltraLadies Running site...looked good...but knowing you have done IM's and Ultra's thought you may have some particular expertise...if you are able great, I am on Robin's facebook and you can add me there.
    Have a good one, hope the back/ankle/insert injury here is all doing well!