Saturday, December 10, 2011

The view from here...

It's sort of a non- birthday, this 57. Other than 57 varieties of tomatoes used in "Heinz 57" the number isn't that remarkable. Past the 55, heading toward 60. 60! Great Googly Moogly!
Sitting here, I'm kind of stymied. What do you write about? Who am I at this age? What stuff am I made of?
After a cup of tea and listening to some Jimi (Power of Soul) here's what I got...

Bits and pieces.

I am made of the bits and pieces of everyone I've ever met and of all the things I've done.
Good and bad. Dark and light but mostly light.
It's amazing really. In my mind I can reacall everyone...if not thir names, their faces and that, really, only because I never knew their name. They all contributed to who I am today although they didn't know it at the time and maybe still don't.
Sadly I recall things I shouldn't.
Happily I remember moments so bright they bring tears to my yes as I sit here...
At 57 some special thanks...
To the boys of Ward 1: it is you more than anyone who added the bits to my heart I cherish most.
To Coach Payne who told me to go run.
To my sisters who taught me my ABC's
The Nuns of dark and light...some of you taught me. Some of you taught me there were people in the world you couldn't trust.
Dad who at the end accepted me for me and was proud..
Mom who taught me to carry a heavy weight...
Professor Dennis Lindbergh who made me realize "why?" is the most important question you can ask.
And to everyone who helped me realize that a kind heart, while painful at times, is the best heart to have.
Oh,and to Jimi...flotation is groovy, baby, even a jelly fish will tell you that.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Been running mostly of late. Disney coming up In a month and have far more miles in the bank now than I have the last few years...hopefully my times will show it, although I haven' t been doing much speed work. Haven't been on the bike much.
For the first time in years I'm putting in 50 plus mile running weeks and UGH! It's hard. Body holding together well. The rebuilt ankle is holding up quite well but does get sore from time to time, but mostly before it rains!
Had a great 22 miler this to get out the door before 7 and into the park, which feels like MY park this time of year. It doesn't open till ten in the winter months so the place is empty in the early morn. Roads and trails all to myself and really, I don't meet many other runners. The only other runner I saw this morning was my wife!
With an empty park I do get to see plenty of deer...a whole herd this morning...nine doe and a buck who snorted at me. Easy lad, I'm not a cross species kind of guy.
The snow birds have arrived...the baffle heads and juncos are here. Mist rising off the lake. Beautiful.
Hard to believe this is in the middle of the Washington area. Out the door and in two minutes I'm in 10,000 acres.
A couple more weeks of long back to back runs and then taper for "The Mouse" and then hammer down to next springs fun!