Friday, February 24, 2012


I coined a new word today:
When someones behavior goes right up to the line of being obnoxious, but doesn't cross it.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Every once in awhile a write about time.
There are two truths to time.
It is all we have. Time with loved ones. Time to work. Time to workout. Time to relax. Time to live.
The other truth is this. We have no time. There is no promise of tomorrow. If you wake in the morning on this side of the dirt it's a gift. There is no guarantee of time with family or for work or workouts or time to live.
I feel my time.
It presses on me. Will I have time for this or that?  Do I have time to reach my goals? Will I have enough time with my Mary Lou? Is there enough time or will the road run out before I'm ready?

This is my hundred mile Spring. I've done some 24 hour events and gotten close to running 100 miles. This year I decided to tackle the distance several times... then spend some time at the altar of long distance. Spend many hours at the Altar of Time. Is my training good enough to see me through the distance?  Since most long races have time cut offs (you have 24 or 30 or 36 hours to finish) will I have time? Fun things to think about for an old hippie who far from time obsessed. I often don't wear a watch when I race but just go with the flow of the good feelings all around. I'm looking for a good analog watch with a luminous dial.

In my youth my Appalachian Trail name was "The Master of Space and Time" I could cover great distances without much problem. Slow but steady.  In the Mountains, Spanky and I would hike 20 miles, do a long climb and hike out the 20 without much rest and no sleep...and no drugs. I never thought much of time then. It didn't press me.
Now, I crack and grind when I run. After what promised to be a career ending ankle break two years ago I am happy every time I slip on some running shoes or climb on a bike.
Looking forward to the challenge this Spring. Have been turning 60 mile + weeks of running with some bike time too. More time on the road and trails is in the offing. I'm tired at times but not worried about it.
I have all the Time I need...or maybe not.

This Blue Dog clock, by Georges Rodrigue, hangs on the office wall.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


On yet another training run getting ready for my spring Ultra runs I rolled out of the house and onto the Seneca Creek Greenway trail system. Goal for the day was thirty miles. on my way down to the Potomac River I ran into Ed, the RD for the Greenway 50k in March, which I'm doing. Ed let me know that the race course for this year has changed from the North to the South side of the Seneca Creek. So on the return trip I got off the Greenway and onto the Seneca Creek trail. While the North side is flat. the South side is...lumpy! Most of the work on the trail was done by MORE, the local Mountain Bike folks and they have done just a stellar job. as trails go it is just a work of art. As a trail volunteer for the system I've seen a lot of trail work. (and done a lot too!) This is brilliant. Can't wait to run down the puppy on race day. Got my 30 miles in.