Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Some rocks…some roll.

Got out the Swiffer and dusted off the blog for a spin.
Trying to blog a bit more this year for various reasons that are mine alone.

I'll turn 60 effing years old. Can you believe that? I sure as hell can't. Creak a bit more, my bones rattle more than they used to, jeepers I've gotten slower but in my heart and in my head I'm, well, younger than I am now.

I never blog about work, because it's never been about work for me. It's about free time and adventure and testing limits and moving. Just moving. Work this fall has been drag and my heart isn't in it anymore. Time to move on. Goal Number One for the year. Find a different path.

Goal Number Two get out a bit more. Do more. See more. With my best girl by my side, floating down the rivers of…(I'm wearing a plaid flannel shirt RIGHT NOW!)

This year was ok in the movement area for me although I missed a month and a half of running early in the year recovering from a disc issue.
2,555 miles on the bike
1495 miles running
51 hours of weight training
Total hours: 490:45
So when you think "He looks good for 60!" now you know: It takes a lot of work.

This year I'd like to do 60 events to celebrate my 60th year. Runs, organized bike rides and races Triathlons, Duathlons, the odd swim (Yuck! I hate swimming and only do it to get to the bike and run)
Weird stuff off the grid too. Just me and SPOT.

I'll also hope to raise a little bit of money for ALS, the disease that killed my cousin Pete and now has grabbed a dear running friend of mine. I hate it, this disease.

France and Spain were great with the SeƱora. I could retire to our favorite pinxos bar…after a run on the beach.

Later younglings!
All the best  for a great 2014 for you!