Saturday, June 23, 2012

Now what was I thinking...?

Ya just forget stuff sometimes. Well, at least I do. Maybe it's age. Maybe it's just that I've never been one of those tightly wrapped, detail type people.
Forget to drink enough on a summer 12 mile trail run and it will bite you.
Forget to drink enough BEFORE a summer trail run at it will bite you.
Forget that if you go run in the jungle without a shirt those big biting horse flies will nail you.
Forget that if you go out to fast things will really suck later in the run.
Forget that wearing newish shoes can beat your legs up on a long run if you haven't worn them much.
Forget to take enough snacks.
Forget to make sure your electrolytes are up on a day when it's 85 degrees and 80% humidity.
Forget to pick up your feet.

Things like that make you remember, even though folks say that "Running is supposed to be fun!", sometimes it's not. Sometimes it's just dirty and nasty and sweaty and it hurts.

THAT'S running! You need days like that to remind you not to make those mistakes again...or until you forget.

Went over to Mt. Airy Bicycles on Thursday to watch the Race Across America riders come through the time station. Ended up helping out. Great folks and a great bike shop. Inspiring riders, both group and solos who left California 8 days earlier. Powerful to watch them cruise by. Even more powerful to see a solo rider take a moment and stop and chat and thank us for being there. I always wanted to do RAAM but life went off in a different direction. Back in the Michael Shermer, John Howard, Lon Haldeman days I was a fan. Still am.
Wonder if it's too late? Maybe it always was. I'm not a detail type people.