Saturday, May 26, 2012

Snack Time

Holy Jumpin' Pete you can spend a lot of money on Gels and bars and liquid electrolyte replacement and all the other engineered foods designed to keep you going for the time it takes you to get through an event...I've done it. Usually for things up to the Marathon I'm good on gels and water. Over that, and I need to eat food. Real food. Food like your momma made ya.
A few folks were curious about what I ate at a recent event where I went 130 miles in 60 hours. (A 72 hour event, I bailed early)
12 gels ( I usually eat 8 in a Marathon)
6 Honey Stinger Waffles (The movable treat!)

That's it for the "athlete" stuff

Cold Pickles
Wheat Crackers
Long grain white rice (Great carbs, low residue)
Boiled Potatoes
Cup o' Noodles
 Killer pancakes on Saturday morning
Anything that you could walk with and keep moving...since it's all about moving forward.

Coke or what I brought, Whole Foods Cola (Made with sugar, no HFCS)
Ginger ale (yum!)
For Electrolytes: Succeed! Caps, 1 per hour, two per hour when it got hot and my sweat rate went up.

As for my time: The vent started at 9am on a Thursday. Every 4 hours I took twenty minute breaks, re- greased my feet, changed socks, dealt with blisters and relaxed. Kept that up for 26 hours. Went down for a few naps after that, especially when it got hot. and about 5 hours of sleep Saturday morning early. I guess-temate about 130 miles in about 48 hours of moving. The course was on the road, a loop of just less than one mile. Chip timed.
Had no crew and used this an an experiment as this was my first time at this distance. A good crew is good for another 6 or 7 miles in 24 hours since they take care of a lot of things for you. All you have to do is move. ie: "Cut the toes out of my second pair of shoes, please. I'll get them on the next lap." It would have been really great to have someone to recharge my iPod! (I never run with music, but having it here was brilliant!)
The experiment was a complete success and I learned tons to apply next year.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

What a difference two years makes...

Two years ago this week, this is what my ankle looked like:

Broken Talus and three torn ligaments. It has been a long road to come back.

Below are my results from the 3 Days at the Fair...just this past week end:

16 Anton Struntz 152 130.39 60:20:57

Yes, that's 130 miles in 60 hours. I was one of the light weights.

I guess the ankle's good!
Thanks to all the support at home form Mary Lou and to Dr. Skippy who did the rebuild...